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I have received great power from Eternal Sailor Moon

The power to lose everything and the power to save everything

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Name:☆ Sailor Cosmos ☆ Serenity ☆
Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:Crystal Tokyo, Japan
I received great powers... the power to lose everything and the power to save everything

Name: Serenity
Aliases: Sailor Cosmos, Usagi Chiba, mama, Chibi-Chibi, former Queen of Earth, Neo-Queen Serenity, Heir of the Moon, Goddess of the Moon
Age: Looks 22 but is actually over 10,000
Species: Lunarian, reborn a human
Canon Point: Post-Manga

The story of her life, when she was a bouncy, energetic, and a klutzy blonde is well known. But the story of what she became is still a mystery. There is a wisdom of years and ages in her eyes, there is a patience that wasn't there before, a knowledge of what it feels like to be redeemed, to be reminded of what strength truly is. She is well beyond her reign as Neo-Queen Serenity, beyond the glimmering towers of Crystal Tokyo, her world is one of war and battle. Sailor Chaos is her constant cruel companion. All her loved ones are dead, leaving her to fight alone, but she is not truly alone. She is Sailor Cosmos, her ultimate power lies in her ability to lose everything and save everything.

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